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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services Bronx

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There was a time when every other house had popcorn ceilings in almost very room or in the entire house. However, this is not something that is trendy anymore. Hence, when people have the chance to have their houses renovated, it usual that they will also request the painting company in Bronx handling their project to remove the popcorn ceiling. Fortunately, when you will have your ceiling repainted, the removal of the popcorn ceiling will be covered by our services. This is something that can be completed by our house painters in no time.

It will not be ideal to remove the popcorn ceiling to try to remove the popcorn material by yourself since you may cause unintended damage and pose risks to yourself. Leave the entire process to our professional painters who will take the necessary precautions to make sure the safety of the job. The process that every other Bronx Painting company will be almost the same and it will involve the careful removal of the popcorn lining with the end goal of having a flat and smooth surface.

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

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There are no professional local painting companies in our area that will recommend you to do the removal of the popcorn ceiling on your own. The process can be complex especially if you are not trained nor skilled to do it. Moreover, you can take so much time and still be unable to do the work right. Hence, it will only be right to have a team from your trusted painting company in Bronx to do this job for you. One of the less obvious benefits of this is that the same team of professional painters can also be the ones to do the painting project right away. We re very detail-oriented when it comes to projects like this. we make sure that our house painters do all the necessary preparations which may include the covering of the fixtures and light switches that cannot be moved away. To soften the popcorn material, we will use a wet solution to easily remove it. When everything has been removed, it will be time for us to prepare the ceiling for painting and this includes the priming process.

Aside from popcorn ceiling removal and painting, we also offer a lot of other Bronx painting services. Call 718-866-3263 now.

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